Six months on the road

Greetings to all out there 😊
We have now been on the road for 6 months, so thought it’s time for a snapshot.
Where we have been:
Cairns              9 nights
Mareeba         18 nights
Atherton          31 nights
Ravenshoe       21 nights
Millstream      49 nights
Mt Garnett      24 nights
Mt Surprise     7 nights
Georgetown    9 nights
We have experienced worship, home groups, salvations, baptisms, recommitments, deliverance, healings, done practical works, sat out cyclones, studied, eaten many shared meals and had a lot of fun and fellowship with the churches and communities so far.
The Walk
Dave has walked over 400 km from Cairns to Georgetown. He has changed his set up and now has a backpack and small tent, so walks and camps out a few nights in a row before replenishing his supplies back at the base camp.
The biggest physical obstacle so far apart from the Northern heat is blisters.  Please pray for this as it has meant stopping for a few days intermittently to allow them to heal. 
Our ongoing prayer requests are for:
β€’          That towns and churches will be open to our message, hear the Gospel and salvations and Kingdom ministry will happen.
β€’          Protection for Dave while walking and camping out.
β€’          Protection also for Shelly & Norm while travelling and setting up in the support vehicle.
β€’          Properties where we can set up our van so that finances are used for ministry and not accommodation. To date many churches and people on acreage have provided us with great hospitality. We have even had someone pay for us for a week in a caravan park – we are very grateful and blessed.
β€’          Finances to keep us on the road and able to fulfil the call of United Walk with Jesus.
β€’          Our car has needed a few repairs and is struggling a little, so we will need to update this at some point in the not to distant future with a bigger 4wd.